Thursday, October 01, 2009

11 Second Club September 09

I guess I didn't have enough to do this month, so I entered the 11 Second Club September 09 competition. They give you an 11 second long sound clip and then you have the month to animate to it. At the end of the month you submit it to the website and then everyone votes on the entries. Voting should be open for the next 5 days I think.

So I worked on this for a few hours here and there throughout the month. It was my first time entering, and it was pretty fun. I wasn't planning on entering the October competition, what with the film and all, but the sound clip is too good to pass up. We'll see if I can do it in time.

As for this one, there really isn't much going on story wise. I didn't plan it out much. It was mostly just a test in paperless animating. It was done entirely in Digicel Flipbook using the Cintiq Tablets at school. This is how I plan on animating for my film, so it was good practice.

Turns out it placed 11th out of 141 entries. A lot higher than I was expecting. Thanks to everyone who voted and commented. Although I doubt I'll be revisiting this piece, its all good advice that I can be sure to be wary of next time


Ke7in said...

Congrats on 11th place. Looking through the top 10, I think yours should have been higher.

Only thing I can see to pick at is the last pose with the left hand. The fingers are a little stiff and the angle looks a bit off (like not in the same direction as the person being spoken to).

Amanda said...

Cool stuff!
I'd love to try and enter sometime 8)