Thursday, September 24, 2009

Film Stuff

So, 4th year is underway, and so is preproduction on the ol' film. For those that don't know, it's tentatively titled: "Carol of the Elves," and its about the Elves revolting against Santa Claus. Here is the Pitch Package from this past week:

I also have a rough preliminary leica reel I did a couple weeks ago. I'm making a new one as we speak with a lot of refinements and more exploration. The first pass was basically just to get the idea down. Now I know what you're thinking: 'why would you put your leica reel up so early? Don't you want your story to be a surprise?' Well, the thing I learned about film making from last year was that if you try to keep your story a surprise, the only surprise is going to be how bad the film turns out in the end. Only after showing people and getting harsh critiques did we learn what worked and what didn't (and there was a lot that didn't). So yeah, I would encourage viewers to critique the hell outta this thing if you have the time. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Or, if you want the story to be a surprise, then you don't have to watch it.

So behold, Carol of the Elves version 1.0
(p.s. its REALLY rough so hopefully you can at least understand whats going on :P)


Ke7in said...

First off, man that music is perfect.

I think it's pretty clear what's happening. The only scene I'm curious about is just after the 3 elves take satna down. Does Carol stab him in the eye, like its a POV shot? I think that moment needs to be pushed just a little more so it has the biggest impact. Maybe it's some blood splatter or maybe its in the sound effects, I would like to see the elf pull the candy cane back out, dripping in santas blood, and take a lick. But hey, I'm pretty twisted.

The other thing is that maybe throughout the fight scenes you could use more christmas related things instead of just a fist fight. If it's where all the toys are made, there's gotta be some cool stuff that could be used as weapons.

And just one last thing, an idea for the ending, maybe the lone elf is able to kill Santa by herself, and then climbs up santa's corpse and pulls some lever or pushes some button that releases all the elves.

Just some ideas, take them or leave them. Either way its shaping up really nicely.

Qbum Lee said...

Looking forward to the completion of this film already. The truck in intro is pretty sweet. I personally like the idea of one elf inspires the others to fight back.

danSEDDON said...

Adam, this is so amazing. not even lying its looking really good.
Maybe you can think of a different way of the first elf getting freed from the chains, an elbow drop isnt exactly gonna break a chain, but I was trying to think of some ways and I cant think of any. other than that I really really like it man, the music is amazing it all works so well and the story is clear.
I think it would be cool to see some blood splatter after santa is stabbed and then like kevin said he can lick the candy cane lol.