Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr Mittens' Big Day

This past sunday was the first annual Sheridan Animation 24hour Filmmakingathon. Basically, you come in at noon, they pick a theme from a hat, and either individually or in a group you make a very short film in 24 hours.
Me and Nathan partnered up. The theme was 'revenge.' And, our first idea ended in failure after about 12 hours. It was about a chef in a restaurant who gets pissed off when a picky customer keeps sending food back. It was bordering a minute and a half long, had 3 or 4 main characters, plus crowdshots. It was more complicated than most 4th year films. Oh, and after assembling a leica reel, we realized that it sucked horribly. So around midnight we started over with a completely different idea and went nuts with it.
All in all, I'm glad we were able to come up with a story and characters and animate the whole thing in just 12 hours. Actually, it was more like 10, cause we finished 2 hours early (if there is such a thing as finished).
So, enough with the excuses. here it is:


Carla Veldman said...

haha, NICE! That certainly IS a big day for Mr. Mittens...
I wouldn't know from experience, but I'd say this is pretty decent for a 10-hour deadline creation.

Adric said...

Epic win. Goes to show you that you don't need to spend 7 weeks on a story and another 28 on production to get a good result.

Nathan Dickey said...

Indeed, sure time would have to be spent to clean it all up, finish the animation, colour it, etc. To be "finished" but I don't think it would create any more or less of a laugh.

Kid Atomic said...

Dudes, holy crap, nice job. Really impressive, especially given the time frame. The animation is nice, and appropriate to the style. Kudos!

Andrew Murray said...

that was amazing, and its funny cuz you made a film in a day and it could be polished up and used as your final film.

Leisha-Marie said...

That's hilarious! Good work guys!

That's basically how persian cats feel, if they had opposable thumbs, there'd be a lot more deaths due to unexplained stabbings.

Jeremy Canton said...



Amazing. Genious. Pro.

So now that your 4th year thesis is done how do u plan to spend the next 21 weeks of the year? Vacation?

sketchi said...

wow that's pretty much awesome. D:
I loved the kitty's expression ohoho! and the lightning effect was brilliant. ahhh the wonders of enforced deadlines!

p.s. visit this link adam!