Monday, October 05, 2009

Leica The Third

This is the third leica reel so far, although only the second that I've posted. This is my favorite version so far. I'm going to show it to a couple teachers this week in the hopes of getting it torn apart


Ke7in said...

Definitely an improvement. It's very clear now the progression that the elves go through as a group, and when they make their collective decision to revolt.

Hank said...

Holy shit, I really like the scene when the elf chick shoots the toys at santa and santa blocks it all with his hands!!!

I am just thinking you can think about the intro, just play around with it. Just giving you an example.

Start with an elf making toys sad.
(Audience will be like, why is making toy a sad thing?)

Then the elf gets whip.
(audience will be like, oh, thats why he is sad, but why is he gettting whipped)

Then santa clause is whipping him.
(Oh I see, but why is santa clause whipping him?? did he do something wrong?)

It is 2 days before christmas!! Hurry up!! blah blah, not necessary dialogues.
(oh I see, in this world santa clause wears the pants.)

I don't know, just an idea to hook the audience in. Again, what you have works, but if you have time, just play around it. seee which one you like the most~

Amanda said...

Playing on Hank's idea, in the establishing shot of the outside, if you have the '2 days before christmas' sign, and at the end when you're trucking out an elf can be crossing it off because there's no longer going to be a christmas or something. Maybe crossing it out in Santa's blood. maybe that's too grim..hmm.

But in any case, I think Hank makes a good point of why he's whipping them. If it's 2 days before Christmas it makes the situation a more serious because Santa won't take any shit so close to the day. Or like, having a sign showing '46,233 toys left to make' + '2 days' just something to show why he might be being so pushy.
But it works as it is! Looking forward to seeing animation tests :D

sketchi said...

haha I really like it! but what happened to the original idea, where the elves kill santa but then take his place? I like the 'moral' of that one (absolute power corrupts absolutely), but this one works too. it's definitely really fun to watch!

Adam Pockaj said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks!
Lily: Yeah, that ending had more to it, but that was in the 3 minute 30 second version. That ending alone would take at least another minute.

sketchi said...

so? you're adam the animator, you can do it. :P