Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Film: Electropolis

The main focus of 3rd Year is a group film project. Last week we had to put together this here Pitch Package and present our story to the rest of our year. It went well, we recieved some constructive criticism, and almost everyone seemed to get the concept (which I was afraid might go over some people's heads). So, uh, yeah, this is my group's film: Electropolis. It is about a walking signal that wants to be a dancer.

I did not do all of the artwork in this, everyone in our group is credited under the specific drawings that they did.

My group members include: Myself, the vociferous Hank Choi, the tranquil Allison Neil, the humble Dimas Mohamad, the composed Jason Walmsly, the reserved Ki Eun Suh, the casanova Giorgio Mavrigianakis, the elusive Debbie Yu, the bearded Adam Trout, the charismatic Amanda Stocker, the uncanny Dawnson Chen, the instigator Dan Seddon and the rational Kevin McCullough.


Michelle Ku said...

please please please put it on youtube. Watching it in the screening was amazing and the music and dancing animation was very addictive.

Adam Pockaj said...

haha, thanks! We're glad people liked it. We were really lucky to have a great concept to start from, and equally lucky to have a group that was willing to work hard in order to make it work.

Unfortunately it won't make an appearance on the internet for a while because that disqualifies it for certain festivals and contests. Check back in a year or so, or check out Mark Mayerson's Bloor Cinema screening in June (if it makes the cut)

Thanks for the comment!

Linda said...

Saw Electropolis at the Duo Theater in NYC last night and just have to say how much I loved it! It was so clever and endearing!