Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coming to a Close

Just some character I've been drawing lately. I tried playing around with colour (something I definetely need to do more of.

Also, a drawing of Uncle Stan from the sort-of-annual Pockaj family camping trip a few weeks ago.

Also, on a side note, only 2 weeks left of summer, and it appears Group E is no more. A few of my classmates that I've talked to have different schedules, so I assume they broke us up and sprinkled us amongst the other classes, as we thought would happen. Third year is becoming interesting already, and it hasn't even started yet.

EDIT: It appears some people from Group E have been switched with some people from Group D. I have no idea what purpose this would serve, but we may soon find out.


Tapan Gandhi said...

that first page is awesome! love the redhead :)

Nathan Dickey said...

nice colour tests, thats quite the hair she has haha- that curl would be fun to animate bouncing around.

see you in a week or so