Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rough Muzzle Sync

This is the muzzle-sync assignment. Same as before, but with a character with a muzzle. I will be finishing the other character in a little while, until then it's just a held drawing. Also, the two are talking to a third character that is so lightly roughed in at the moment it is difficult to see. So there will probably be several versions of this popping up in the coming months. The audio is from "Jesus Christ Superstar."


Laura E. Tryon said...

I really, really love this muzzle sync. Great job. I look forward to seeing the beak, especially because of how great a design it is.

Joel Beaudet said...

Nice piece!. You did a great job keeping the character alive.

Nate Lane said...

Excelent job man! wish i had the patience to work on something like that. Keep it up!