Saturday, March 08, 2008

Quick Sketches

These are a couple characters from my storyboarding assignment (the Western thing I think I mentioned before).

So, the awesome Charlie Bonifacio did a guest lecture at school last week which was amazingly awesome and oh so inspiring. One of the points he discussed was to do warm up quick sketches. Basically just put a pencil to the paper and see what comes out. You'll often find that a character you're working on comes to life all on its own. I decided I like drawing in ballpoint pen, so I used that to do some quick sketches of one of the characters from my storyboarding assignment. It was a character that I wasn't really interested in, but drawing after drawing he became more real and alive to me (I guess that sounds kind of corny...). After this page was filled, I had a sudden urge to animate him. So I did.

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Nathan Dickey said...

yeah man, quick sketching in pen rocks! and it doesnt smudge (usually...)