Friday, April 30, 2010

Carol of the Elves (alternate music)

Carol of the Elves (Alternate Music) from Adam Pockaj on Vimeo.

My 4th Year film again, this time with music arranged by U of T student Trevor Hewer. It was a collaboration between Sheridan animation students and University of Toronto music students to work together to make a soundtrack that we actually get legal rights to use on our films. Thanks Trevor!


Adam Temple said...

LOL I can't believe you ended it with him getting stabbed! OMG wow...really good job on that film. I hope you enjoy Mercury..I bet you will seeings how you'll most likely be taking a few friends with you. Congrats on 5 years well spent.

Anonymous said...

awesome..santa deserves tat!!!

LF said...

the opening of the character i enjoyed in the beginning few shots, awesome. the actual arrangement and seating reminds me very much of Hogwarts from Harry Potter