Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Layout/Pose Test Reel

This is the layout/pose test reel for the film. Layout (background drawing) was the part I was dreading the most, but it turned out to be somewhat less excruciating than I predicted. All the backgrounds are drawn now, however the character poses on this reel were pretty rushed. The actual animation pose tests will be a lot more refined. This was a good way to see how things work (or don't work) one step closer to the final film. There are a few things I'll have to adjust between now and the end, but this is more or less what it is going to be like.


agnes said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! This is Epic. Love the candy cane stab at the very end.

I'm excited to see the final result :D

Jen said...

This is looking awesome! It's been great to see how your film is progressing; better and better things each time a new reel is posted :]