Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Process

I thought I'd show the process of getting from the preliminary stages to the final product of this character design assignment. So here it is. After the design was good to go (it's a Wolf Pirate, by the way), I first did the rough drawings using a coloured pencil (Prismacolor Col-Erase, Tuscan Red to be precise), any colour works fine. Blue is industry standard, but I prefer Tuscan Red. These drawings should be as rough as they need to be.

After that, using a light table (a white plexiglass surface with a light shining behind it) I traced only the good lines with a graphite pencil. A couple "levels" touch-ups in Photoshop, and voila, the "Clean Up Drawings":

Then, using my secret Photoshop techniques, the clean up drawings were digitally cel painted. The colour of the outlines were changed in some parts as well.

So there you have it. Cooking with Adam. Animation style. Tune in next week when we'll make a key lime pie that's so good, it'll make you wanna to slap your mama.

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